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Comtrade Software opens first US office in Boston

Comtrade Software, a large IT provider based in Slovenia, is opening an outpost on State Street this week, choosing Boston over Silicon Valley for its international headquarters.

Executives with the company said they were drawn by Boston’s reputation as a hotbed of talent, particularly for technology infrastructure. Also, since the company is privately funded and not actively seeking venture capaital, Silicon Valley felt less relevant.

“European businesses are starting to see that the proximity and the access of resources is so much better in Boston,” said president Simon Taylor, who grew up in the Boston area and who lives in Brookline.


Proximity to Europe also helped. Slovenia is nine hours ahead of Silicon Valley, but six hours ahead of Boston. That time difference matters to Comtrade, which has 1,600 employees in Europe; the work day between the two locations will a three-hour overlap. Boston also offers shorter flights to different cities in Europe, which is crucial for a global company that has 16 offices in 11 countries.

Taylor said he expects to recruit heavily from Boston’s huge university population.

“From a recruitment perspective, the sheer vast number of universities and colleges in Boston are rich in talent,” Taylor said. “And the more companies that understand that if they show up in Boston, they can hire great talent fast, talent with the experience and education in the marketplace, I think more companies will come to Boston.”

Comtrade Software plans to hire 50 new employees over the next year for marketing and management positions for its Boston operations.

The new headquarters at 109 State St. boasts exposed brick, custom materials, and hardwood floors. Comtrade has scheduled a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Tuesday, with guests that include Congressman Joe Kennedy, and Mark Culliton, chief executive of College Bound Dorchester, a nonprofit that Comtrade Software works with that helps prepare -risk youth for college.


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