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More Life Sciences Headlines

Japanese drug giant Takeda will move into 16-story building planned for Kendall Square

The company says it wants to create a consolidated campus in Cambridge and is signing a 15-year lease on a planned 600,000 square-foot lab and office space at 585 Third St.

Startup Elucid hopes that AI can help cardiologists prevent heart attacks

The Boston firm raised $27 million for FDA-cleared software that reads scans and makes recommendations for preventative treatments.

Lexington-based startup will target cystic fibrosis with a new twist on gene therapy

Carbon Biosciences launched with $38 million to develop gene therapies based on parvoviruses, which it hopes will be safer and more effective than existing technologies.

FDA advisers offer a vote of confidence for gene therapies

An advisory panel of the US Food and Drug Administration voted this month to recommend two gene therapies from Cambridge-based Bluebird Bio, giving optimism to other companies that are developing similar gene therapies.

Third Rock raises $1.1 billion for its largest fund yet

The Boston venture capital firm plans to use the money to launch more biotechs, despite the sector’s recent downturn.

FDA advisory committee unanimous in support of Bluebird Bio’s two gene therapies

It’s a much-needed win for the struggling Cambridge biotech but doesn’t guarantee approval.

Bluebird Bio nears moment of truth as FDA evaluates its gene therapies

The approval or rejection of Bluebird’s gene therapies will be a make-or-break moment for the struggling Cambridge biotech firm.

Omicron booster shots are taking longer than expected. Will the wait be worth it?

Pfizer once promised to make updated COVID shots in 100 days. More than 200 days will have elapsed by the time the FDA meets to discuss plans for those boosters in late June.