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More Life Sciences Headlines

‘We’ll look back and say that this was a bargain.’ Takeda reveals first data from its $4 billion autoimmune disease pill.

The experimental drug, which the drug maker bought earlier this year, completely cleared some patients’ plaque psoriasis in a clinical trial.

MGB-backed biotech raises $85 million to develop drugs for diseases that cause scarring in organs

Mediar Therapeutics also named Rahul Ballal, a pharmaceutical industry veteran, as the Cambridge company’s CEO.

Training program for life science careers draws $1 million donation

Developer Samuels & Associates is helping to fund a new biotech training program at Benjamin Franklin Cummings Institute of Technology.

UMass biotech to lay off 25 workers

The university says the job cuts will not affect its work on an alternative treatment for Lyme disease.

Cambridge biotech testing experimental ALS drugs based on Harvard research

QurAlis says it has raised $88 million for early-stage clinical trials of two treatments for the devastating condition.

Flagship’s latest startup aims to develop drugs with fewer side effects

Boston-based Ampersand Biomedicines launches with $50 million from the Cambridge firm to design medicines that better target the site of a disease than existing treatments.

Full approval and Medicare coverage of new Alzheimer’s drug could come in July

Leqembi costs $26,500 a year, not including expensive brain scans and biweekly visits to infusion centers, putting it out of reach for most patients unless it is covered by insurance.

Chroma Medicine raises $135 million for its epigenetic editing therapies

Chroma’s approach, known as epigenetic editing, could have broad applications for treating both rare and common diseases.