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What is it? Horse blinders for humans

Innovator: Panasonic

What were they thinking? We’ve all got to work. But those co-workers — ugh. Especially in the newly-popular open offices. You can only listen to so many good-mornings and how-are-yous, right? Well, now there’s a way to shut it all out: horse blinders for humans. Panasonic’s “Wear Space” is a bendable partition, equipped with noise-cancelling headphones, that curves around the head and blocks about 60 percent of a user’s horizontal field of vision — allowing us to focus intently, and entirely, on the glowing screens two feet from our heads.

Did it work? It’s isn’t clear yet how the blinders will sell. Website Dezeen reports that “Wear Space” is still in the prototype phase, and subject to a crowdfunding campaign. But initial reviews of the block-out-the-world product are a little, well, dark. “At what point do we just give up,” TechCrunch’s Brian Heater asks, “and admit we’re living in exactly the dystopian nightmare speculative fiction warned us about?”