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Gin from the Cape’s first distillery since Prohibition

The Roberts family, owners of Truro Vineyards on Outer Cape Cod, last year launched South Hollow Spirits — the first distillery on the Cape since Prohibition. Recently, they released a hand-crafted gin, Dry Line Cape Cod Gin ($30-$35 for 375 ml; $44-$49 for 750 ml), made in small batches with organic cane sugar and infused with locally grown botanicals, including juniper berries from the Eastern red cedar trees on their North Truro property. The spirit is twice distilled, bright and citrusy and slightly spicy, the aroma reminiscent of the junipers. The rectangular bottles feature the batch number. The gin has a soft bite and is easy drinking either on its own on the rocks, or with tonic and lime, the perfect summertime cocktail. Available at Brix South End, 1284 Washington St., Boston, 617-542-2749, and Brix Financial District, 105 Broad St., Boston, 617-542-2749; Huntington Wine and Spirits, 301 Huntington Ave., Boston, 617-536-0164; Nine East Wine Emporium, 6 Worcester Road, Natick, 508-653-6221; or go to

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