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Bixby Bars had some bite-size babies

Nutty For You Bixby BitesBixby & Co.

Chocolate and peanut butter is truly one of the great, sweet culinary pairings. And Bixby & Co. of Rockland, Maine, a daughter-mother company (another great pairing), makes a delightful treat that will satisfy any craving you have for the flavorful duo. Nutty For You Bixby Bites are one-, two-, or three-bite candies of dark- or milk-chocolate-covered cocoa and peanut butter centers with bits of peanuts and brown rice crisps. The little squares (about $5 for 4.2 ounces) are organic, gluten-free, and made with chocolate from sustainable sources. “It’s a delicious snacking candy without being super sweet,” says Kate McAleer, founder and co-owner of the company with her mother, Donna McAleer. “We’re a certified women-owned business,” says McAleer of her seven-year-old company, named for her great-great-grandparents. The company makes various confections, including dark chocolate bars, bonbons, sea-salt caramels, baking chips, and drinking chocolate. When customers started asking for bite-size pieces of the original Bixby Bars, their offspring, Bixby Bites, were born. Available at Whole Foods Market, Hannaford, Stop & Shop, and Shaw’s, and Star Market locations. www.bixbyco.com. LISA ZWIRN