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At Goldilox Bagels in Medford, rounds are not too chewy or too soft or too dense — they’re just right

Where to Goldilox Bagels, in the Hillside neighborhood of Medford, near Tufts. The new operation is in the former space that housed Stone & Skillet English muffins.

Why Every bagel sandwich is made to order, and it all comes to you quickly — with a smile. This is nothing like a chain bagel establishment. All bagels are made on the premises.

The Back Story The husband-wife team behind Goldilox live very close to their new shop, which opened on Friday, Sept. 13. Lindsey Gaudet, who has a background in corporate work, and her husband, Ed Thill, a culinary school graduate who has cooked around town, including at Casa B in Somerville, had done a few pop-ups while Ed experimented with bagel recipes in their home kitchen. She was raised in West Roxbury on frozen Sara Lee and Bruegger’s bagels. He was in Milton eating Zeppy’s bagels.


What to Eat Plain, everything, sesame, poppy seed, salt, rosemary and salt, or raisins bagels, which you can order sliced and toasted and spread with cream cheese, cinnamon-sugar cream cheese, vegan cream cheese, honey-cayenne hummus, avocado, jam, banana, Fluff, lox, and more. Or order a bagel sandwich like The Just Right (over-easy egg, American cheese, and bacon, ham, or sausage), Are You Ready to Lox (cream cheese, lox, tomato, red onion), The Happy Hippy (hummus, cucumber, tomato), Graceland (PB, bacon, Nutella, banana).

What to Drink All the hot morning beverages you’re expecting, including Speedwell Coffee Co. brew from Plymouth, espresso, flavor shots. and Masala Chai from Boston Chai Party in Medford.

The Takeaway The shop is named for Goldilocks and could be part of a reboot of the fairy tale. These golden rounds are not too soft, they’re not too airy, they’re not too doughy, they’re not too chewy, they’re not too dense. They’re just right. Have a seat, if you like, at one of the few tables. Goldilox stays open until it sells out, which it does most days. It’s the sweetest, most appealing little place. 186 Winthrop St., Medford, www.goldiloxbagels.com. Bagels are $2 each, $21 for a dozen; sandwiches $5.25-$9.


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