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Boston Underground Film Festival screens ‘strange and unusual’ films for the 23rd year

Dark and bizarre shorts, narratives, and documentaries out of the mainstream at the Brattle Theatre from March 22–26.

Waterfront mansion in Beverly sells for $18.2 million. See the photos.

Known as “Rock Edge,” the Georgian Revival-style mansion spans about 28,000 square feet on a rocky bluff above 400 square feet of private beachfront, according to marketing materials.

Tooth gems are sparking joy in Greater Boston

While the sparkling smile enhancers dulled in popularity post-Y2K, this refreshed trend — a professionally placed adornment on the tooth’s enamel — has returned by way of celebrity clientele and nostalgia.

Five things we learned from Ben Affleck’s Hollywood Reporter interview

The Cambridge-raised actor recently sat down to discuss his upcoming movie, “Air,” his new role as a CEO of a production company, his family life, and everything in between.

college basketball

‘Crying Northwestern Kid’ who became a meme during March Madness now attends Harvard

John Phillips was spotted courtside with his father, the ACC commissioner, last week.

Private island off Connecticut is being sold for $85 million

Great Island, a private 60-acre island, was previously listed for $100 million, according to the property listing, which touts it as “the largest private island ever to be offered for sale on the East Coast.”


Devin McCourty puts up 37 billboards across Massachusetts thanking Patriots fans

McCourty, who announced his retirement Friday, is expressing his gratitude for the support over his 13-year career.

March Madness is for all levels of basketball enthusiasts

If you would rather grab a drink and chat during the games or if you’re laser-focused on every dribble, we have events for you.