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Eliza Dushku leaves LA and moves back home

Eliza Dushku.Getty Images

Don’t be surprised if you see more of Eliza Dushku in the coming months. The actress famous for her roles in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Dollhouse” has split with longtime boyfriend Rick Fox and moved back to Boston to, eventually, go to school. “Rick’s an LA guy and I’m a Boston girl,” she said. (Fox is a retired NBA player and former Celtic.) The 33-year-old actress told us she’s bought a condo not far from the Watertown home where she grew up, and is excited because it has a basement. “Nobody in LA has a basement,” she said. “They all have the obligatory storage spaces in the Valley.” Dushku is not abandoning the movie and TV business, but after 22 years in LA, she missed Boston. “I’d rather be a little physically cold here than emotionally cold in LA,” she said. “I missed my town and I missed my family.” (Her mother, Judith, is a former professor at Suffolk University and her brother Aaron is city councilor in Watertown.) She’s not sure yet where she’ll go to school or what she’ll study.

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