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Pedro Martinez is in Good Humor

Fans pose for a photo with Pedro Martinez.

Some endorsement deals strike us as odd. Why, for example, does it make sense for Stephen Colbert to hawk Wonderful Pistachios? Not so for Pedro Martinez and Good Humor. The sunny former Sox ace seems the perfect pitchman for an ice cream company whose name describes Pedro’s persona. Thursday, the likely first-ballot Hall of Famer surprised passersby at the Pru by handing out frozen treats. “You never know with me,” he told us. “You might find me on top of the truck.” Martinez, who consults with the Sox, said he was delighted to learn that his former teammate Curt Schilling’s cancer is in remission. “During the [2004 World Series] reunion, I told him I was praying to God for him,” he said. “Curt is a big-game pitcher and, like I expected him to, he got a big game under his belt.” As for the Sox, their rotation is underperforming, but don’t expect to see Martinez on the mound. “I’m in pretty good shape and I’ve been getting my running in, but I just spent some time at [minor-league affiliates] Portland and Pawtucket, and after what I saw they don’t need any Pedro.” And that’s fine with him. “All Pedro can do now is live whatever is in his mind — and eat ice cream.”

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