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Court rules against Tom Scholz in Boston Herald defamation case

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has tossed out defamation lawsuits filed by Tom Scholz, founder of the band Boston, against the Boston Herald and Micki Delp, the ex-wife of the band's late lead singer, Brad Delp. Scholz sued after the Herald published stories by gossip columnists Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa that included statements by Micki Delp regarding Brad Delp's 2007 suicide. Scholz claimed that the articles implied Scholz was the reason Brad Delp killed himself. (A front-page story in March 2007 was headlined "Pal's snub made Delp do it: Boston rocker's ex-wife speaks"). Lower-court judges had ruled against Scholz, but the suits were appealed. In its ruling Wednesday, the state's highest court said statements attributing responsibility for Brad Delp's suicide to Scholz were "statements of opinion and not verifiable fact, and therefore could not form the basis of a claim of defamation." The ruling also awarded $132,000 in court costs to the Herald.