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Meet the woman who found priceless earring that was stolen from MFA

Florence Wolsky and the priceless earring that was stolen from the Museum of Fine Arts in 1963. Katherine Taylor

In 1963, a priceless earring was stolen from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. But unlike some art heists that remain unsolved, this one has a happy ending.

The remarkable recovery of the ancient piece of jewelry is the focus of Karen Audette’s documentary “The Nike Chariot Earring,” which tells the amazing story of how the mystery was solved and how Florence Wolsky found the earring.

Both Audette and Wolsky are scheduled to be at the Brattle on Friday when the 14-minute film is screened as part of the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival. It will be the first time the pair will view the film together.


“It’ll be a great day for me to experience this with her,” said Audette.

Wolsky is 93 years old and lives in Wakefield. She plans to attend the 7 p.m. screening with her son. For more information, visit

Watch the trailer here: