Burlington native Amy Poehler’s upcoming Netflix movie doesn’t just pass the Bechdel Test — according to a new Vanity Fair feature, it completely obliterates it.

The “Parks and Recreation” alum’s directorial debut, “Wine Country,” will feature scores of hilarious women, including Poehler herself, her former “Saturday Night Live” castmates Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey, Lexington native Rachel Dratch, and Ana Gasteyer, and veteran “SNL” writers Paula Pell and Emily Spivey. Partially inspired by a real-life vacation that several of those women took together, “Wine Country” centers around Abby (Poehler) bringing together a group of old friends to celebrate the birthday of Rebecca (Dratch) in Napa Valley, according to Vanity Fair.


A movie only passes the Bechdel Test, created by cartoonist Alison Bechdel, if it has at least two women in it who talk to each other about something besides a man. The Vanity Fair feature, a profile of Poehler and Rudolph, reports that “Wine Country” goes above and beyond that standard, with the film featuring zero straight men talking to each other.

“Every film has a certain amount of real estate,” Poehler told the publication. “It was nice not to give that precious real estate to a story we didn’t wanna tell.”

The characters in “Wine Country” aren’t like other middle-aged women you sometimes see in movies, according to Poehler.

“The women I know in their 40s and 50s are incredibly interesting, funny, accomplished, doing a million things,” Poehler said, “and there’s a lot of rich stories to tell there that don’t involve loss or fear of being left.”

“Wine Country” is set to debut on Netflix on May 10.

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