Eliza Dushku and Peter Palandjian donated $500,000 to the United South End Settlements’ Camp Hale, a sleepaway camp near Squam Lake in Sandwich, N.H. Dushku and Palandjian were at a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday, wherein United South End Settlements revealed a new community dining hall, Dushku Hall.

The hall was created in memory of Dushku’s father, the late Philip R. Dushku, who attended the camp as a child. In 2011, Watertown native Eliza Dushku fund-raised for Camp Hale to launch a girls program, and she became a counselor.

Peter Palandjian and Eliza Dushku at Camp Hale.
Peter Palandjian and Eliza Dushku at Camp Hale.Allegra Boverman/USES

“The opportunity to honor our father, Philip R. Dushku, means so very much to our family,” Dushku said during the event. “Camp Hale gave our immigrant grandparents an opportunity to expose our father and uncles to a world they never could have experienced and gave them a life-changing escape from tough times and their humble upbringing in Boston’s South End. We are proud to continue to support United South End Settlements and Camp Hale’s vital mission, ensuring the same hope for other families and more generations yet to come.”


Dushku, best known for her portrayal of Faith in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and Palandjian, the CEO of Intercontinental Real Estate, married at the Boston Public Library last August and currently reside in the area, where they’re expecting their first child.

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