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    Dinner with Cupid

    Blind date: The waitress was not wrong in telling me ‘You’re a lucky man’

    Can a new-to-Boston Irish guy and a Jersey girl make a connection?

    Adrian Watters and Kate Cooney.

    ADRIAN WATTERS: 23 / communications specialist

    First thing people notice in his home: Guinness flag

    Who plays him in the movie: Aaron Paul


    KATE COONEY: 24 / public relations agent

    First thing people notice in her home: Antique typewriter and a steampunk lamp

    What makes her a catch: She knows all the Boston ghost stories.


    TABLE #3?

    Adrian I’m new to Boston, so I wanted to meet new people.


    Kate I was nervous, so I had a Scotch and watched The Office.

    Adrian I did have to run to the commuter rail; made the train by one minute!

    Kate The hostess had picked out three different tables and let me choose. I opted for the patio.

    Adrian The waitress was not wrong in telling me “You’re a lucky man.” Gorgeous; beautiful smile and stunning eyes.

    Kate He’s cute! As soon as he opened his mouth I was smitten.



    Adrian We talked about my accent (she correctly guessed Ireland and not Scotland).

    Kate Which naturally led to my horrid impression of a British accent. I’m surprised he didn’t run then and there.

    Adrian I discovered that she is from New Jersey, despite having what some think is a British accent.

    Kate We immediately jumped into the Brexit situation, Ireland’s stance, and talked about politics, travel, and work.

    Adrian We kept forgetting to read the menu because we were talking so much. She is into ghost stories, so naturally I shared a few Irish mythical stories.

    Kate We ordered the honey-glazed biscuits along with the beignets, barbecue shrimp, and wings with white BBQ sauce. Obviously we weren’t holding back.

    Adrian Everything was 10/10! I definitely want to go to New Orleans now.

    Kate He waited for me to take a bite of the chicken wing before he dove in. Classy move.

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    Adrian Much to our surprise, it was 11 p.m. and the restaurant had to close.

    Kate I could have gone out for drinks, but Adrian had to hop on the commuter rail. I thought he was going to go in for a kiss for a second. But he probably didn’t because of how bad my fake accent was.

    Adrian I am a horrible judge at this; dating does not come naturally to Irish.

    Kate I’m pretty sure he just thought I was the biggest nerd the entire evening.

    Adrian We exchanged numbers, hugged, and once again I ran for the commuter rail, making it by one minute again. It was my lucky day with the trains!

    Kate He ended up texting me the next day with a ghost story from his hometown in Ireland. He obviously remembered I liked weird history. Bonus points for Adrian.


    Adrian We have each other’s number.

    Kate Another date could be interesting.


    Adrian / A

    Kate / A      

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