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Donor has $100 gifts for Hyannis fast-food workers

He has a soft spot for the hard-working, underappreciated fast-food workers. So for Christmas each year, he gives them a gift — this year, a crisp $100 bill.

An anonymous man has been popping into fast-food restaurants and coffee shops in Hyannis over the past few days, handing out white envelopes stamped with a big red “Merry Christmas” and containing nothing but a single $100 bill.

“They were crisp, too. It was like it came right from the bank,” said Brittany Coy, 22, an assistant manager at Marylou’s coffee shop, one of the restaurants to receive the money.

The man has been to Marylou’s, two Dunkin’ Donuts, and two McDonald’s restaurants in Hyannis over the last several days. No one recognizes him, and he always hands out the same number of white envelopes as there are employees.


Tim Martel, 23, a manager at a Dunkin’ Donuts on Iyannough Road, said the gifts actually come from someone besides the delivery man.

“I’ve heard they’re all representatives of an anonymous” donor, Martel said. “From what I’ve heard, he targets . . . the fast-food-service industry.”

Coy said she had never seen the man before he came in that day and ordered coffee, but he returned later with the money.

The man then asked for an assistant manager before asking how many employees worked at the store. He then pulled the right amount of envelopes — 15 — from a large stack and handed them over.

Kiera Blessing can be reached at kiera.blessing@globe.com.