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Tougher recycling law to take effect July 1 in Vermont

MONTPELIER — Starting July 1, recyclables such as metal, glass, certain plastics, and paper will be banned from Vermont landfills as part of a goal of recycling and composting more solid waste by 2020.

For trash haulers that do not already collect recyclables, that means a change.

‘‘The idea behind the law is to make it equally convenient for Vermonters to recycle as it is to throw something away,’’ said Deborah Markowitz, secretary of the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources.

Several districts already require recycling, and the state’s big trash haulers already take them. But some smaller ones in less-populated areas do not, meaning they may have to spend thousands of dollars to revamp trucks to collect more recycling, provide more customers with recycling containers, and educate them about the practice.


Haulers can’t charge a separate fee for recycling. The state says haulers may recoup extra costs by increasing their overall trash and recycling fee.

Jeff Myers, owner of Myers Waste and Recycling which serves the central and northern part of the state, said leaders did a good job with the law.

‘‘If we’re going to recycle, we all have to recycle, not pick and choose which parts of the state can recycle,’’ he said.