Canada Goose jackets are mysteriously taking flight on Boston University’s campus, and police say students are likely to blame.

According to BU Today, the university’s online news service, campus police have noticed a surge in reports of thefts of the popular down parkas, which can cost upward of $1,200.

Since September, 14 clothing items have been reported stolen to police, according to BU Today. A majority of those items were Canada Goose jackets.

The brand of jackets are marked by a small, circular patch with a red circle that’s sewn into the left sleeve. The bulky winter coats, designed to keep people warm in frigid temperatures, feature a hood lined with a puffy trim of beige coyote fur.


Boston University Police detective lieutenant Peter DiDomenica told BU Today that the jackets are “twice as valuable as an iPhone,” which likely makes them alluring to thieves, especially when the jackets are left unattended around campus.

In a tweet last month, police singled out the jackets as a hot item, and said many of the thefts have occurred at the school’s fitness and recreation center.

Police put out a notice that read “Canada Goose stolen faster than you can burn 100 calories,” a reference to the incidents of theft taking place at the gym.

“Winter jackets left unattended are flying away! Please keep them in sight or place in a locked area,” police said in a tweet at the time.

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