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E-mail urges Harvard students to counter ‘white genocide,’ support Trump

Some Harvard undergraduates received an e-mail Sunday urging them to fight “white genocide” by voting for Donald J. Trump. Charlie Mahoney/The New York Times

Some Harvard undergraduates received an e-mail Sunday urging them to fight “white genocide” by voting for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The e-mail, first reported by the Harvard Crimson, was not sent to the entire undergraduate body, but recipients included presidents of the undergraduate Democrat and Republican clubs. Its subject line was “Fight White Genocide — Vote Trump!”

The white genocide theory holds that mass migration and integration are being promoted in predominantly white countries to turn white people into minorities, and eventually to become extinct.

The e-mail said the group believes that Trump understands “ ‘Diversity’ means chasing down the last White person.”


Harvard’s undergraduate dean called for a police investigation, the Crimson reported.

Harvard spokesman David Cameron said the college is offering support to any student who might have been troubled by the e-mail. Campus police are not investigating because, he said, no crime occurred.

Harvard senior Susan Wang, president of the Harvard Democrats, said she ignored the e-mail because she thought it was spam or a joke.

“I have much better things to be doing with my life than pay attention to what I gather is an attention-seeking stunt by some alt-right figure,” Wang said in an e-mail to the Globe. “I marked the e-mail “Read, Unimportant” and went back to working on getting students up to New Hampshire to elect Hillary Clinton for president.”

Wang said she hasn’t talked to anyone else who received it.

Declan Garvey, president of the undergraduate Republican club, called the content of the e-mail “repulsive and hateful.”

“It’s sad that people with those beliefs are able to latch onto our party’s nominee,” he said in an e-mail. But, he said, the dean’s call for a police investigation into the matter was “rather excessive.”

The e-mail was signed by a group called Educators and Students Against White Genocide, which is affiliated with the White Genocide Project, a group that describes itself as “dedicated to documenting White genocide around the world,” according to its Facebook page.


Last month, the group’s website asked for Harvard, Yale, and Princeton students to send them e-mail addresses at those schools, saying the group was planning a mass e-mail soon.

The website provided an e-mail template that looks very similar to the one received by Harvard students.

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