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Carly Copley, Fairmont Copley’s beloved lab, has died

Carly found a comfortable spot to take a break at the Fairmont Copley Plaza hotel in the Back Bay in 2015.David L. Ryan/Globe Staff/David L Ryan, Globe Staff

Carly Copley, a beloved black labrador retriever who could once be found working five days a week at the Fairmont Copley Plaza, died on Sunday. She was nine years old.

“I had a couple breakdowns yesterday. Little things remind you of her,” said Michael Eades, a doorman at the luxury hotel in Copley Square and Carly’s caretaker. “It’s such a finality. You don’t get to pet her anymore.”

As part of the hotel’s Canine Ambassadors program, Carly greeted guests in the lobby and was available for walks or pop-by meetings with fans, of which there were many. The hotel adopted her from the Animal Rescue League of Boston in 2013 and she retired this fall.


Carly was part of a pack of much-loved Boston hotel dogs, including her successor as a canine ambassador at the Fairmont, Cori Copley, and Bonnie and Tara, two golden retrievers at the Mandarin Oriental Boston. Carly’s predecessor, Catie, died in 2017.

In December, the Fairmont hosted a joint retirement and birthday party for Carly, said Lauren Soriano, the hotel’s director of public relations.

“It was the last hurrah for Carly,” Soriano said. “A lot of her dog friends came, Great Danes, and different types of breeds.” There was a cake for humans and, of course, a cake for dogs.

Carly particularly loved milk bones, turkey, and cheese, and often snacked on carrots, Eades said. She found joy in riding the hotel bell cart, and like many born in Massachusetts, she had a penchant for kayaking.

“If we went kayaking, Carly wanted to go kayaking,” Eades said. She was also a Boston sports fan, and could occasionally be found in a Red Sox or Patriots jersey.

“People in Boston really rallied behind the fact that she was supportive of our sports teams,” Soriano said.


Carly died at an animal hospital from heart failure caused by an internal infection.

“The six years that she was here, she was another one of our colleagues,” Soriano said. “She was very sweet, gentle, wonderful with children.”

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