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More Black History Month headlines

Black History Now

In Boston’s Jean McGuire, a legacy of success in those she uplifted

Jean McGuire’s legacy has largely been defined by her work in Boston Public Schools, and in her stewardship of Franklin Park, the crown jewel of Boston’s Emerald Necklace of green space that runs through the city.


A rollicking rebuke to the idea that rock isn’t Black music

As an English professor, a musician, and a Black person, I’m ready to shred misconceptions about who is and who isn’t fit to jam.

West End Museum highlights neighborhood’s Black history

Long before the city’s West End became synonymous with destruction and displacement because of urban renewal efforts in the 1950s, the neighborhood was an epicenter of Black life in Boston.

Black History Now

Bay State Banner founder Melvin B. Miller: ‘Young people need to know where we came from’

Dubbed by Harvard Magazine as “an important voice” for Boston’s African-American community, the Banner has remained a local institution since it was established in 1965.


The Newport Historical Society goes deep on Black and Indigenous experiences

A fascinating research project that took more than four years involved the review of 4,000 church records, business papers, ship logs, and more.

Black History Now

The Rev. Virgil Wood works to honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy

Wood is among 69 names honored on Embrace Boston's 1965 Freedom Plaza on the Boston Common.


Paul Alexander captures the tragic beauty, survival instincts of Billie Holiday in ‘Bitter Crop’

A major new biography focuses on the jazz legend’s pride, determination, and illness during her last year


What Rhode Island’s lawmakers of color hope to accomplish this year

On the Rhode Island Report podcast, Senator Jonathon Acosta delves into proposals to increase police accountability, feed more public school students, and tax the richest Rhode Islanders.