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Jordan Cross ready to skate again at Fenway

Jordan Cross was Rookie of the Year in the New England Small College Athletic Association last season.Paul Brandon Allen

Jordan Cross got to play hockey at Fenway Park in 2012 when she was a freshman at the Rivers School and her sister, Taylor, was a senior. Now Jordan gets another chance.

A sophomore forward at Connecticut College and the Rookie of the Year in the New England Small College Athletic Association last season, Jordan and her teammates take on Bowdoin at Fenway at 4 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 12. Taylor, who graduated after a four-year playing career at Norwich University last spring, and their father, Mike, the former basketball coach at Saugus High, will be among the friends and family in attendance.


Jordan plans to major in government and American studies at Connecticut College.

Q. What was playing at Fenway like the first time around?

A. My dad loved it when I assisted on one of [Taylor’s] goals and they announced Cross-to-Cross. A bunch of family was there and they got to see both of us play.

Q. What are some of your other memories from the day and game?

A. It was really cool and we have a lot of pictures from that day. I remember it was real cold and the ice was awesome. Hopefully it’s the same way this time and there’s no rain or anything crazy like that. We had a great team that year and beat [St. George’s of Newport, R.I.] and it wasn’t that competitive a game. We took a team picture with them afterwards and that was neat.

Q. What are you looking forward to most in this game?

A. I’m really excited about it. I’m a huge Red Sox fan and I played baseball when I was little and it was my favorite sport. I was a little tomboy anyway and it’s fangirl moment for me when I get to play at Fenway. The atmosphere is incredible. I love playing outside and playing in front of family and friends.


Q. How’s the Cross family crowd going to be this time?

A. I’d like to say all my cousins and grandparents are going to be there. We could have 10 to 20 people there. Who knows? We have a close family. When we were first told about the game we were told to keep it on the downlow and I told Taylor right away and she took the time off from work. She’s working at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital in nursing and is pretty busy, but she will definitely be there.

Q. What kind of game do you expect against Bowdoin?

A. We had some good battles with them last year, fun games that were back and forth. Hopefully it will be a close game and hopefully we can get a win at Fenway.

Jordan Cross handout

Q. What’s been the best part of hockey at Connecticut College so far?

A. I guess freshman year. It was pretty surprising how well it went for me personally. I just wanted to do my job and it worked out. The team in general had a lot of success and one of its best seasons ever. It was cool to be part of that. As a freshman, I just wanted to get playing time and as you get time, you’re looking to see if you can do more. The Rookie of the Year thing, they still laugh at that in my house. Nobody saw that coming. I feel like I’ve been a good hockey player, but I’ve never been a standout goal scorer. I’m the kid that passes the puck. It was a nice change.


Q. Do you have a favorite professional team?

A. I bounce around, I’m going to be honest. I love the Patriots. You’ve got to love the Patriots, especially Tom Brady. It’s a safe bet to go with the Patriots: It’s not like they ever lose. I’m a Red Sox fan, too. I’m a total Boston fan. I was obsessed with Nomar Garciaparra and those guys growing up. I knew every single stance of every Red Sox ballplayer. I was a complete psycho with the ’04 and ’07 teams. My dad would give me any player to mimic and I could do it, including the pitchers. I was totally obsessed at 8, 9 years old. I’d walk around the house pretending to be Kevin Youkilis with my elbow raised in the air. It was ridiculous.

Q. What do you intend to do with your majors?

A. I hope to one day go to law school. I want to try and get a teaching certificate and teach out of college. I’m really interested in the legal practice and I’m interested in politics. Jen Migliore’s running for the state representative helped get me interested. She played softball with my sister and watching her campaign inspired me to get involved. I think liberal arts in general gives you an opportunity to try so many different things. I think I’ll have a lot to work with those majors under my belt.


Q. Do you have a secret talent?

A. I’m kind of an open book unfortunately. I think the entire team knows about all my quirks. Something weird about me is that I have a huge Disney obsession. I love Disney World. We went in August: My brother, my sister, my parents, all above the age of 20. I know a lot about the movies and can quote them, me and my mom [Mary]. I’m probably a little too obsessed. Anything Disney. Anything Disney-related.

Q. What’s your favorite Disney movie?

A. Probably “Peter Pan.” I’m a Peter Pan kind of gal. But I also like “The Jungle Book,” the classics. “Mary Poppins is great.” It’s hard to pick a favorite.

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