Trump Today: FBI’s Comey is back in the spotlight

FBI Director James Comey.
FBI Director James Comey. Cliff Owen/Associated press

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Afternoon update

President Donald J. Trump said “there’s a very, very good chance’’ of bringing Israel and the Palestinians together and he would do “whatever is necessary” for a Mideast peace agreement. Trump was meeting Wednesday with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. Here’s some of what they were expected to talk about.

Historians say they are deeply dismayed over Trump’s seemingly ill-informed views of US history, especially as it relates to racial minorities, the Globe’s Astead W. Herndon reports.


FBI Director James Comey defended his decision to reopen a probe into Trump’s Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, just days before the election. ‘‘It makes me mildly nauseous to think we might have had some impact on the election,” he said.

Here are five revelations from Comey’s testimony befoe the Senate Judiciary, courtesy of the Globe’s James Pindell.

The headlines

House GOP leaders, who are trying to ram through a revised bill to replace the Affordable Care Act, are hitting rough waters, including the loss of support from an influential lawmaker — and a speech by late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel that went viral.

After a talk by his former Democratic rival Hillary Clinton drew a lot of media coverage, Trump blasted her in tweets. The Republican president said she had gotten a “free pass” for “many bad deeds” from FBI Director Comey. Clinton had questioned Trump’s conduct in office. “I’m back to being an active citizen,” she said, “and part of the resistance.”

Trump criticized it Tuesday morning but later in the day called it ‘‘a clear win for the American people.’’ Now a $1.1 trillion measure to fund the government through September is headed for a House vote.


Trump raised the possibility of eliminating the legislative filibuster, which is intended to keep a party with a slim majority from jamming through its legislation. Here are some reasons why things aren’t likely to change.

Surprising statements

Trump has been saying some startling things in recent days — and his administration has scrambled to catch up. ‘‘I do wish somebody would take his iPhone away from him’’ — that’s what Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker said of Trump after some of Trump’s latest tweets.

Today’s schedule

Trump hosted President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority for a meeting, a lunch, and a joint statement. In the evening, Trump was expected to have dinner with religious leaders.

Press secretary Sean Spicer briefed the media at 2 p.m.

What’s he been tweeting?

Trump was quiet through early Wednesday afternoon on Twitter.

On Tuesday afternoon, he tweeted out video of a Rose Garden ceremony in which he presented a trophy to the US Air Force Academy football team — and then segued from effusive praise of the team into a full-throated defense of the compromises he made on the bipartisan spending bill that is expected to pass this week.

On Tuesday night, he responded to the media coverage of the Hillary Clinton interview. In doing so, he repeated a claim that stories about the investigation into his campaign’s contacts with Russia were “just an excuse used by the Democrats ... for losing the election.”


More headlines

South Korea is about to elect a president with different ideas from the Trump administration on how to deal with North Korea. Moon Jae-in also told The Washington Post, ‘‘I don’t believe the US has the intention [to influence our election] but I do have some reservations.’’

South Koreans are beginning to wonder about Trump after some of his recent statements, which included calling North Korean despot Kim Jong Un a ‘‘smart cookie’’ and saying he would be willing to meet Kim under the right circumstances.

Trump and Putin had a “very good” discussion
Trump and Putin had a “very good” discussionAP Photos

Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin had a “very good” phone discussion, and there’s a chance of increased cooperation between the United States and Russia on Syria. Meanwhile, Putin denied that Moscow tampers with other countries’ elections, despite US government findings that he did so in this country. He made his comments during a tense joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

A National Urban League report found that economic prospects for black and Hispanic Americans look much worse under President Trump.

Massachusetts Republican Governor Charlie Baker came out against the revised health care bill being drafted by the GOP in Washington, warning that the legislation would result in “a massive loss of critical funds for the Commonwealth,” the Globe’s Josh Miller reports.

Boston lawyer Vincent DeVito, who helped lead President Trump’s campaign in the state last year, is getting a top post in the US Department of the Interior, the Globe’s Jim O’Sullivan reports.


‘California is leading the way in efforts to combat climate change as the Trump administration rolls back regulations.

Too far? A Stephen Colbert joke about Trump and Putin backfired.


Here’s video of the White House press briefing in which budget director Mick Mulvaney criticized the Democrats for what he said was crowing over a victory in the budget deal, while at the same time claiming victory for the Trump administration. He also defended Trump’s tweet suggesting that a shutdown in September might be a good thing.