Before any election there are intense disagreements, but generally widespread agreement in the following: Don't believe the polls because they are wrong. And there's countless evidence from previous years to back this up assertion.

But so far in the 2016 presidential primary season, the polls have been pretty darn accurate.

In Iowa, the Des Moines Register's poll is considered to be the gold standard of state surveys. While the paper's final poll showed Donald Trump winning, they correctly called the contest within the margin of error.

In New Hampshire, polls of both the Republican and Democratic fields were essentially right. If state polls had a fault, it was they didn't have enough time to capture Marco Rubio's collapse after his poor debate performance three days before the primary.


All of this is troubling for Hillary Clinton and Republicans not backing Trump. In Nevada, a new poll from CNN/ORC shows the race is now tied between Clinton and Bernie Sanders ahead of Saturday's caucuses.

On the Republican side, Trump leads in every other state polled, including South Carolina. In a CNN/ORC poll of that state's primary, which is Saturday, Trump leads the field with 38 percent. Ted Cruz comes in second with 22 percent.

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