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Warren hires former Defense official as national security aide

Senator Elizabeth Warren. Carolyn Kaster/Associated Press/Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts added an experienced national security adviser to her staff Monday, as she looks to bolster her foreign policy credentials.

Sasha Baker, who last served as the deputy chief of staff to former Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, joins the staff following Warren’s appointment to the Senate Armed Services Committee.

“Sasha is an expert in national security policy who has spent years serving our nation at the highest levels,” Warren said in a statement. “Sasha’s extensive experience, particularly with the kind of innovative defense work and scientific research in Massachusetts that helps and protects our servicemembers, will be of tremendous benefit to the Commonwealth.”


The senior Democrat from Massachusetts, Warren is seen as a possible candidate for president in 2020. Her new role on Armed Services will help her fill in national security and foreign policy gaps in her expertise.

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