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Bailey, Elizabeth Warren’s golden retriever, may be a media darling, but he’s not always a good boy

Elizabeth Warren, Bruce Mann, and Bailey the dog. JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP/Getty Images/File 2019

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s dog, Bailey, has become a fixture in the Massachusetts Democrat’s bid for the White House. Bailey poses for selfies, attends press conferences, and even has his own merch.

But even the best campaign staffers sometimes have a bad day.

On Friday morning, Warren tweeted a photo of a somber-looking Bailey surrounded by the shredded remains of an unlucky piece of home decor.

“Bailey was a bad boy this morning. But at least he’s sorry,” Warren wrote.

Many Twitter users jumped to Bailey’s defense.

Another pointed out that the evidence of Bailey’s involvement was circumstantial at best.

Still others commiserated with photos of their own dogs behaving poorly.


As she travels around the country, Bailey has occasionally been in the crowd, and the golden retriever makes frequent appearances on Warren’s social media channels, even sporting his own camera to give followers a view from his perspective.

And the popularity of dogs certainly doesn’t hurt Warren’s efforts to connect with voters.

“Even if you’re not a fan of Elizabeth Warren, Bailey’s favorabilities are way higher than any politician’s,” Scott Ferson, president and CEO of Liberty Square Group, told the Globe in January.

Warren and her husband, Bruce Mann, adopted Bailey as a puppy last summer. She previously owned a dog named Otis, also a golden retriever, who died in 2012.

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