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Volcano eruptions force evacuations

MEXICO CITY — Eruptions at the Colima volcano in western Mexico continued Saturday, forcing authorities to evacuate hundreds of people from three hamlets on the volcano’s slopes. The civil defense office in Jalisco state said glowing-hot rock continued to flow down the volcano’s southern and southeastern slopes, and vapor and ash emissions continued. Eruptions Friday sent lava or glowing rocks down the volcano’s slopes and a column of ash and vapor into the air. Also known as the Volcano of
Fire, the 12,533-foot volcano is 430 miles west of Mexico City. (AP)


Police detainthree journalists

CAIRO — Egyptian police detained three opposition journalists who were conducting street interviews in downtown Cairo about President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi’s request for small donations of spare change to fund development programs, security officials said Saturday. They said the three — Hamdy Mokhtar, Mohammed Hassan, and Osama al-Bishbishi — were arrested Sept. 26 and face charges of publishing false news and belonging to a banned organization, Egyptian parlance for the Muslim
Brotherhood group. The three were remanded into police custody for three days pending further investigation, they said. (AP)

El Salvador

Village massacre case is reopened

SAN SALVADOR — A judge has ordered prosecutors to reopen a probe into one of the most notorious massacres in the nation’s history: the army’s slaying of hundreds of people in the village of El Mozote. Human rights advocate Ovidio Mauricio said Saturday that Judge Jorge Guzman Urquilla had accepted the request filed by his organization and two other groups. A postwar UN truth commission concluded that the army massacred at least 500 people in December 1981 during the civil war. (AP)



Socialists oust their party leader

MADRID — Spain’s Socialists have voted against party leader Pedro Sanchez in a move that seeks to end the party’s internal divisions and possibly resolve the country’s nine months of political deadlock. After more than 10 hours of debate, Sanchez was defeated 132-107 in a vote Saturday. He said it was ‘‘a great pride and an honor’’ to serve. Sanchez had led the Socialists in blocking conservative Mariano Rajoy of the rival Popular Party from building a minority government. His departure could end political gridlock in Spain, as the new leadership may be more agreeable to letting Rajoy form a coalition. (AP)