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Duterte tells US not to treat Philippines ‘like a dog with a leash’

BEIJING — Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte launched another broadside at Washington on Tuesday, threatening a bilateral defense deal that had expanded the American military presence in his country.

Duterte last week announced his ‘‘separation’’ from the United States but subsequently backtracked to say he did not want to cut economic and military ties.

But Tuesday, he was at it again, saying he hated having foreign troops in his country and telling the United States not to treat his country ‘‘like a dog with a leash,’’ Reuters reported.

He also questioned the 10-year Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement that expanded military ties between the two nations and enabled the United States to deploy conventional forces there, rotating through five Philippine bases. The deal was heralded as a key element of President Obama’s strategic rebalance to Asia.


‘‘You have the EDCA; well forget it, if I stay here long enough,’’ he said. ‘‘I do not want to see any military man of any other nation except the Filipino.”

In the Philippines, a president is allowed only one six-year term in office, and Duterte did not specify what he meant by staying long enough.

China has been unhappy about the US military presence in the Philippines and is likely to welcome Duterte’s unease with American troops.

Washington Post