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Latest Headlines in Letters

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu pauses to stop and chat with an MBTA employee as she makes her way to the Orange Line at Forest Hills Station to commute into City Hall on Jan. 11.

Sizing up Mayor Wu’s push to make the T free

Readers react to David Scharfenberg's Jan. 9 Ideas cover story.


Russia, China holding mirror up to US, and it’s not pretty

We need to develop less aggressive strategies to challenge our imagined and real enemies and work with our allies with an aim of diplomacy first and military options (if necessary) second.

Cars are seen whizzing past on a stretch of the Mass. Pike between the exits of Westfield and Lee in July 2020.

The Bay State — a mecca? Or a place to put in your rearview mirror?

Jeff Jacoby's "Bye-bye, Bay State" column set off wide-ranging debate among print and online readers.

An exterior of Somernova Innovation Hub at 12 Tyler St, Somerville.

Artists can’t expect perpetually cheap real estate

There are other places with cheap space, and yes, it may require artists to move in order to occupy it.

An American flag flies on Atkinson Street in Boston on Jan. 12 as city crews began taking down tent encampments in the area known as Mass. and Cass.

Mayor Wu exceeds expectations with swift, humane action at Mass. and Cass

Wu deserves enormous credit for staking out a compassionate, positive, proactive position, rejecting a punitive approach and embracing a public health-focused model.

A medical worker hustles with a wheelchair outside the emergency room at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston on April 27, 2020.

COVID toll requires empathy in ERs to flow both ways

Emergency rooms are bursting at the seams with COVID-19 cases, putting ER workers at risk for infection, which in turn would mean even fewer ER staff available to help. Staff also are suffering from mental and physical exhaustion, depression, moral injury, and increased suicidal ideation.

Timothy Galligan, an outreach worker with the Newmarket Business Association, talks with a woman in need of help at Newmarket Square in Boston on Jan. 11, a day that saw bitter-cold temperatures.

Reentry services must be part of plan to address Mass. and Cass crisis

Continued funding and expanded use of currently available resources in community-based residential reentry services is a critical component.

The Raytheon logo is placed on the exterior of an exhibition hall ahead of the 53d International Paris Air Show at Le Bourget in Paris on June 16, 2019.

Attorney ripped paper for its story on Raytheon donations — readers offer counterarguments

That corporations can concentrate funds and use them to influence not only who runs for office but also what they do while in office is a profound insult to the concept of popular self-government on which our country was founded.