Latest Headlines in Letters


Jeers for Trump, a cheer for ‘the Squad’

Readers respond to Trump’s racist tweets about “the Squad.”


US grapples with the lure of its borders

Readers were stirred to react to Charles Stein’s op-ed on the Democrats and immigration policy.

Trump’s latest tweets: Anything less than outrage is complicity

Readers decry what the president is doing to the state of political discourse.


As we bask in World Cup glory, this is good time to revive Boston Breakers

“There’s a sports owner in this city who has a great need to rehabilitate his image, particularly with women.”


Much work to do to widen housing horizons in Mass.

Readers weigh in on making neighborhoods throughout Boston and the Commonwealth more affordable and diverse


Veterans of criminal justice system square off over Suffolk DA’s approach

A former prosecutor and judge and the board president of a social workers group offer opposing views on DA Rachael Rollins’s policy.


Heads up! Scooters afoot

An editorial about Brookline’s pilot ride-share program has put focus on how scooters will share the roads — and sidewalks.


Hotel fees shouldn’t be tucked away in fine print

“You have to pay hotels’ resort fees even if you don’t want to use the services.”