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Our citizens share the danger, and cost, of US nuclear arsenal

Americans do need to pay more attention to nuclear weapons (“Presidential stakes are high for nuclear arsenal,” Editorial, May 25), especially as each citizen carries the heavy burden of their cost. Estimates have the United States spending $1 trillion over the next three decades on our nuclear arsenal.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have each rightly spoken against this wild nuclear spending spree. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is encouraging nuclear proliferation through his careless rhetoric.

President Dwight Eisenhower said that failing to achieve nuclear disarmament, including a ban on nuclear testing, would “have to be classed as the greatest disappointment of any administration — of any decade — of any time and of any party.”

With the Cold War over, we should be uniting the world in nuclear disarmament. Each nation does share the danger of nuclear terrorism and accidental launch as well as the massive financial cost of these weapons. The next president can lead the world in eliminating nuclear weapons, behind the strong will of the American people.


William Lambers