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For cyclist, it’s one broken bone after another

I’ve lived in Boston for 20 years and have traveled extensively. Aside from Third World countries, I’ve never seen roads in such disrepair. Last Friday I was on my way home from the doctor, who was caring for my elbow, which is healing from being broken after I had a bike accident on the roads. I was on Boylston Street, near the Public Garden and the Four Seasons Hotel, when I hit a pothole, causing such a jolt to my handlebars that it broke my thumb.

Come on, Boston, I’m running out of unbroken bones — can’t we do a little better than this on the potholes and uneven asphalt? The constant closures, detours, and cost of police details are already quite an imposition, but it would be nice to see something for all of that inconvenience and expense.


Dean Champion