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Tom Brady was asked about Donald Trump and locker room talk. He walked off.

Jim Davis/Globe Staff

At the end of Tom Brady’s news conference Wednesday, a reporter from NECN asked the Patriots quarterback about Donald Trump and locker room talk. Brady, who was seen with one of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats in his locker last year, declined to answer, thanked reporters, and walked off the podium.

Here’s the exchange:

Q. Tom, you have kids of your own. How would you respond if your kids heard Donald Trump’s version of “locker room talk?”

A. “Thank you, guys. Have a good day.”

Last year, Brady called Trump “a good friend.” In his Monday morning interview on WEEI, he said he didn’t speak with the Republican presidential nominee during his suspension.


“I don’t think so,” Brady said. “I’ve been just trying to get ready and prepared and so forth.”

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