Thank God it’s Friday.

That’s a pretty common refrain heading into the weekend, and it’s a safe bet that nobody was happier this Friday than Tom Brady.

The Patriots quarterback was due a $14 million deferred bonus payment Friday as part of the contract extension that he signed last offseason.

That pact called for Brady to receive a $28 million signing bonus, paid out in two installments. He got half when he signed on the dotted line and, according to ESPN, he was due to get the other half Friday.

Brady is under contract through 2019 with annual salaries of $14 million and a $22 million cap hit.


The bonus payment is just the latest piece of good news for Brady, who is two months removed from winning his fifth Super Bowl title and fourth Super Bowl MVP award.

In addition, Brady’s jerseys from wins in Super Bowls XLIX and LI were recovered earlier this month in Mexico and returned to the quarterback.

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