The Red Sox will open the 2019 season with 11 games on the West Coast starting in Seattle on March 28; so at least the weather should be good.

After four games in Seattle, four in Oakland, and three in Arizona, the Sox will open at home on April 9 against Toronto.

Although not yet announced, the plan is for the Sox to finish spring training with two games against the Chicago Cubs in Mesa, Ariz., before going to Seattle.

The Cubs played two games in Fort Myers this season.

The Sox will play two games in London against the Yankees, June 29 and 30, at London Stadium. The Sox will be off June 27-28 to travel abroad and also off July 1 before starting a three-game series in Toronto, then continuing to Detroit for three more games.


At one point the Sox will play three games over seven days in three countries.

“It’s a tough one,” manager Alex Cora said on Wednesday.

The All-Star Game is July 9 in Cleveland. So any Red Sox All-Stars will have a 13-day trip to four cities.

“Hopefully our All-Stars are on the coaching staff,” said Cora, sneaking in reference to the Sox perhaps winning the World Series. “If it’s that, I’m not complaining.”

Cora is a longtime supporter of international play and is happy the Sox will play in London.

“I honestly feel for the game it’s great,” he said.

The Sox gave up two home games to make the London Series happen. Major League Baseball agreed to pick up any lost revenue.

The Sox are scheduled to play most of their interleague games against teams from the National League West.

The Rockies will play at Fenway May 14-15, with the Dodgers (July 12-14) and Giants (Sept. 17-19) also coming in. The Sox will play at Colorado (Aug. 27-28), San Diego (Aug. 23-25), and Philadelphia (Sept. 14-15) along with the games at Arizona in April.


The season ends with three games at home against Baltimore.

Major League Baseball released the schedule via e-mail early in the afternoon, a noticeably low-key approach when compared to the NFL.