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Rob Gronkowski misses field goal in live Super Bowl commercial

Rob Gronkowski made a promotional appearance on Saturday, before the Super Bowl.Mark Peterman/Mark Peterman/Invision/AP

Even the advice of Adam Vinatieri wasn’t enough to help Rob Gronkowski make history on live television.

The former Patriots tight end missed a field goal in a live commercial for FanDuel that aired during the third quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl between the Eagles and Chiefs.

Gronkowski, who stepped away from the NFL a second time after the 2021 season, returned to the field on Super Bowl Sunday to attempt the kick.

If Gronk had made the kick, FanDuel users would have been able to split a prize pool of $10 million in free bets. But according to the commercial, fans may still get a little treat.


“It’s far,” Gronkowski said last week. “Twenty-five yards is far, especially if you don’t kick field goals.”

That’s exactly what happened to Gronkowski — while straight, the kick was short.

Before the stunt, he seemed to be taking the forthcoming attempt seriously, even training with former Patriot Vinatieri, who holds several NFL kicking records.

Vinatieri’s most useful pieces of advice, Gronkowski said, were kick it soccer style, relying on the side of his foot, and to keep his foot pointed, as opposed to flexed, when he follows through. There have been plenty of other pointers: Stand tall, keep your shoulders straight and parallel to the goal posts, and keep your head down on the kick.

“I have a newfound respect for these kickers out there,” Gronkowski said last week. “It’s actually mind-blowing to think about how these kickers can go out there, 55 yards away from the field goal post, and just drain it right down the middle. There’s so much more that goes into it that you have no idea about.”

Looks like Gronkowski’s future career as a kicker won’t be kicking off any time soon.

Nicole Yang contributed reporting.


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