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Biden vs. Trump — how on earth could this be a tossup?

President Biden walked out of the Oval Office and to the South Lawn at the White House on Nov. 14 to board Marine One as he headed to San Francisco for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.Susan Walsh/Associated Press

Democrats ought to rally behind president’s accomplishments

Re “Biden’s real reelection problem isn’t his age. It’s his waning popularity.” by Omer Aziz (Ideas, Nov. 5): The problem with Joe Biden is not Biden, it’s us Democrats. We have a marked inability to muster the collective will to enact our core values.

Republicans are very clear on gun rights, small government, and the need for faith in the public square. Democrats are all over the place.

Maybe this is because Democrats are a more urban demographic and more diverse than Republican voters.

I see many yard signs and displays for Donald Trump, whether or not it’s an election year. For Biden, I see nothing of the kind.


Forestalling climate change is one of our core Democratic values, but I have seen Democrats rallying to prevent wind farms and solar arrays. Republicans, in the service of the Second Amendment, are able to accept school shootings, but one lousy wind turbine and we start whining about the view?

Biden may be the most progressive president we have ever had. He also has a half century of experience in government. During his administration, he has signed measures that give deep, far-reaching support to all of the American people. Yet many Democrats probably don’t even know what those accomplishments are.

Unless we want more MAGA, Democrats need to start stepping up, putting out yard signs, and being proud of the Democratic values we hold that support and enhance the community, the country, and the world.

Harry Hussey

Copake, N.Y.

The state of the Republican Party

“The more arrogant he became the more vulgar he was. … No doubt arrogance will produce submission; and there are men who take other men at the price those other men put upon themselves. Such persons could not refrain from thinking Melmotte to be mighty because he swaggered; and gave their hinder parts to be kicked merely because he put up his toe. We all know men of this caliber ― and how they seem to grow in number.”


— From “The Way We Live Nowby Anthony Trollope (1875)

Or, another choice quote from the same book:

“‘Of course [Melmotte is] a failure, whether rich or poor; — a miserable imposition, a hollow vulgar fraud from beginning to end, — too insignificant for you and me to talk of, were it not that his position is a sign of the degeneracy of the age. … They who do set the example [for the nation] go to his feasts, and of course he is seen at theirs in return. And yet these leaders [know] that he is what he is because he has been a swindler greater than other swindlers. What follows as a natural consequence? Men reconcile themselves to swindling.”

Leslie Cohen


She’ll be wearing her message that Trump is unfit for office

I’m an 89-year-old worried woman. I am fearful because not enough powerful people are publicly insisting that our Constitution’s precise words in Amendment 14, Section 3, prove that Donald Trump cannot legally run — even for dog catcher. The section sets forth that no one who has engaged in an insurrection or rebellion against the state or given aid or comfort to one can hold the office of president.

I have a supply of pocket-size copies of the Constitution that I will offer to people during primaries and the presidential election. I will be wearing the T-shirt I ordered to be made. It calls attention to the constitutional prohibition against the well-known failed-coup leader’s attempt to be president again.


I’ll be the old woman wearing this shirt. I hope people will read the Constitution and not vote for Donald Trump if he manages to get on any ballot.

Iris Kaufman



GOP presidential hopefuls haven’t shown the backbone to challenge MAGA and Trump

Jennifer Nassour’s Nov. 14 op-ed, “GOP should dump Trump and rally around Nikki Haley,” is delusional because Nikki Haley, like most Republicans, has shown no backbone when it comes to standing up to MAGA and Donald Trump.

Trump’s Veterans Day speech, in which he called his opponents “vermin,” and his plan to imprison millions of Americans in detention camps send a dangerous and outrageous message. Yet people like Haley, who should be loudly standing up for democracy and her fellow Americans, remain relatively silent. Not only is that not presidential, it is cowardly. Any Republican who doesn’t condemn that speech, Trump, and MAGA is a traitor to our democracy and should be treated as such.

We have a stark choice next November: We either vote to keep our democracy, or we vote for a (likely) Republican candidate who will set up and enforce Project 2025, a sinister plan to reshape the executive branch under Trump, and dismantle our democracy for autocracy.

Trump was right about one thing in that hate-filled speech: The biggest threat to our country is “from within.”


Frank D’Agostino

Harpswell, Maine